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To create beauty and to become the reference brand for international Modular Fashion and space tourism by combining tradition, innovation, and sustainability, placing all the production phases exclusively in Italy, and therefore acquire the 100% Made in Italy certification.


The idea of creating garments that can be broken down into interchangeable double-sided modules dates back to 2002, when the founder of ZETAJAY, Giacomo Macrì, filed with the UIBM his first invention patent entitled “Modular garment”. Since then, he has pursued his dream of revolutionizing the world of fashion.
These were the years of the conception of the Revolution Jeans brand and the use of Denim as the predominant material. The passage of time has led Giacomo Macrì to do business in other sectors, and thanks to these initiatives he has been able to breathe life to his initial project, which today has come to fruition with the creation of an important business reality.


To get out of the patterns of pre-packaged fashion, which limits freedom and creativity, the consumer in ZETAJAY becomes a Co-Designer. Thanks to its modularity the user can build their outfit every day, following their vibrational state through a creative process of customization that can be carried out on any hat by varying its colors, shapes, and materials, without having to buy new garments. Each individual item is composed of interchangeable and washable double-sided modules that, through zippers and size indicator rivets and coupling side, are easily disassembled and reassembled, allowing multiple combinations. The interchangeability also facilitates swapping between consumers. The QRcode applied next to the logo allows users to discover the story of the company and the product origin traceability.


Denim is the most loved and worn fabric in the world. ZETAJAY has chosen to make its products with this historic fabric. ZETAJAY sews denim to Ripstop, a lightweight material woven with a nylon thread that resists tearing and is waterproof. The combination of these two materials allows the hats not only to be water-resistant but also to last over time. The possibility to purchase separate modules will allow the user to customize the hat by matching different shapes and colors.
Another advantage of ZETAJAY’s strategy is the protection of intellectual property in all its possible forms, for which it has dedicated resources.